Veterinary Technician

Job Description

We are currently looking for a full time EXPERIENCED technician for our busy three doctor practice. Must be able to perform ALL the following duties;


In-Patient Medical Care- administer medications, assist or perform treatments, diagnostics & monitoring, place IV catheters, draw blood, run lab tests, administer IV fluids, cleaning, feeding, and walking patients as needed. Anesthesia induction, maintenance, monitoring, & recovery of patients, clean / maintain anesthesia equipment. Surgery- Surgical prep, doctor assistance, clean, sterilize, and maintain all surgical instruments and /or equipment. Dentistry- Provide patient dental care, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing, assist doctor with dental surgery, take dental radiographs. Radiology (including dental imaging)- positioning patients and taking radiographs, submitting for consults. Laboratory duties- collecting, preparing, & running or submitting samples for requested tests; reading and recording results when indicated (fecals, urinalysis, cytology etc) when requested by doctor. Preparing invoices, discharge instructions, and client information packs. Client communication- give patient updates, discharge instructions, and provide follow up for certain hospital patients. Client medical demonstrations / education. Technician appointments- blood draws for therapeutic monitoring / screening tests, bandage changes, postop checks, suture removals. Clinic technician- assisting doctor with outpatient appointments, preparing, restocking, cleaning exam room, check patients in and out, take history and vitals, input date into patient medical record, ensure a smooth and timely flow of outpatient appointments from the check-in to the discharge.


This is an outstanding opportunity to join a unique hospital with a fun-loving, yet professional, atmosphere. At least 2 years’ experience and be able to demonstrate all of the competencies listed above prior to employment. This is a full time position. Must be available to work 12 hour shifts, occasional Saturdays, and Sunday treatments. Please send resume and references to animalmedicalclinic@live.com