NEW Treatment for Dogs with Arthritis

Animal Medical Clinic is pleased to announce a new treatment option for dogs with arthritis. Dr. Joe Liljenquist is credentialed by Vet-Stem to provide Stem Cell Therapy which has been demonstrated to reduce pain and improve the quality of life in over 80% of dogs treated for arthritis. If you schedule an office visit then we can review treatment options and associated costs.

What Can Be Treated with Vet-Stem Cells?

Arthritis. Any joint that has arthritis can be treated.

•  Greater than 80% of dogs have Improved quality of life

•  Greater than 60% of dogs eliminated or reduced pain medications

•  Greater than 80% of old dogs had improved quality of life

•  Greater than 80% of young dogs had improved quality of life

Tendon and Ligament

•  With surgery (full tears)

•  Without surgery (partial tears)

What is the Process?

•  Day 1 – Your veterinarian collects fat from your dog

•  Day 2 – Vet-Stem processes the fat to concentrate Stem Cells

•  Day 3 – Inject on the third day or cells can be cultured and injected later

•  Lifetime – Stored Stem Cells can be used or grown so that your dog never needs to have another fat collection. 

Additional fees for stored dose processing, cell culturing, and annual dose storage apply

Why Stem Cells?

•  Stem Cells are Regenerative Medicine.  Drugs that treat symptoms have to be given daily and may have side effects like liver damage. 

•  Stem Cells

      Reduce Pain and Inflammation

      Restore Quality of Life and Range of Motion

      Regenerate Tissues and normal Immune Function